Talking about gender doesn't have to be eye-roll inducing.  It can be interesting, entertaining, and even funny. Through non-blamey solution-oriented trainings, we motivate all employees to care about gender stereotypes and most important, we actually change biased thinking. 


Engage Men

Gender ReBrand is a training both for and about men as well as women and underrepresented genders.  It’s not just women who get the short end of the stick when it comes to gender norms—adherence to the male gender role comes at a high price for both individual men, organizations, and the people who work there.   Talking about gender without addressing norms of masculinity would be a giant missed opportunity.

Undermine Biased Thinking and Behaviors

It's not enough to simply become conscious of our biases, though that is certainly the first step.  Gender ReBrand goes further than unconscious bias trainings by challenging and changing the way participants think about gender.    

Increase Cohesion and Camaraderie

Because real, lasting change occurs on the emotional level, Gender ReBrand is not just a lecture.  Participants have time to explore their own thoughts around the topics discussed and engage in a dialogue with their coworkers.  This discussion and personal sharing creates intimacy, trust, and greater cohesion and camaraderie among participants, especially of different genders.