Gender ReBrand partners with a wide-range of companies, from start ups, to Facebook, to Fortune 100 financial firms to venture capital firms.   Here are some results: 

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After a 2-Hour Gender ReBrand training 90% of those in attendance now believe that men and women are born with the same strengths and weaknesses. Research shows that believing men and women are inherently similar (rather than different) is key to undermining gender bias.

“Gender Rebrand is unlike anything else out there. It’s not just an educational program about how gender bias is holding people back.  It’s a program that changes how we think about each other to create a more inclusive culture where people can bring their full potential to work...which we know leads to better businesses results.”   -Managing Director, Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm.



100% of participants in the training referenced above said they have a better understanding of other genders as a result of the training and 100% of participants also said the training could reduce gender bias within their company.